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Dave (I'm A Real Traditionalist)

Dave (I'm a Real Traditionalist)
Running time 1:50
Appears on Old Tunes Vol. 2


  • "Dave" is referring to Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, The Fireballs, and The String-A-Longs. They're all musical artists who recorded at the Norman Petty Studio in Clovis, New Mexico, in the 50s and 60s. The studio has been well taken care of and still has all the original equipment and is open for tours.
  • "Dave" is possibly David Bigham, a man who was staffed at the Norman Petty Studio as a backup vocalist. He has done backup vocals for some of Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly's songs. He has given some interviews.[1][2]

Samples / Lyrics[edit]

  • "I'm..er...a real traditionalist myself of course, because of Orbison, and Holly, and the Fireballs and the String-A-Longs, and er, all the things that happen in the studio. I'm so glad to...take care of...studio and..."
  • A woman with a southern American accent apparently pulling up to a drive-through fast food ordering microphone and asking "Yes, what comes with, uh, chicken fingers?" (Background, 31 seconds in). This sample also appears in "Audiotrack 06" from the Random 35 Track Tape.



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