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R35TT A06

R35TT A06
Running time 5:21 (10 second overlap with Finity, 18 second overlap with R35TT A07)
Appears on Random 35 Tracks Tape


  • Occasionally referred to as "5d" despite there being little basis for this assumption other than the length of the track being similar to that of a known track length of an unreleased song.
  • The video below for "5d" is a part of the official BoC playlist selected by BoC which does give credence to track "R35TT A06" being "5d".[1]

Samples / Lyrics[edit]

  • The initial sample in this track, lasting the duration of the piece, is a pitch/speed-altered version of the base sample for the track "Seven Forty Seven" released as part of the Warp20 (Unheared) compilation.
  • It also plays a very light sample, around 3 minutes 20 seconds in, of a woman with a southern American accent apparently pulling up to a drive-through fast food ordering microphone and asking "Yes, what comes with, uh, chicken fingers?" This same sample is played in the background of "Dave (I'm A Real Traditionalist)".
  • At 04:04, a voice that appears to say: "Too good, too clean, true ... [unintelligible]", or possibly "Too good to have been true".
  • When sped up, the choir from "Staircase Whip" can be heard.



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