The real typeface you want is ITC Avant Garde Bold. You'll need to kern it closely. Avant Garde Bold is a classic design typeface, one you'll see crop up over and over if you develop an eye for it. It was particularly prevalent in the mid to late 1970's, an era which Boards of Canada has referenced over and over in its design language, and recently got a large boost in popularity when the Rock Band series of video games started using it heavily. The Avant Garde Alternate glyphs show up a lot, too, though they tend to be abused a bit - I haven't seen Boards of Canada use them. Avant Garde shows up a lot in designs of related genres and record labels because it is such an iconic, no-nonsense typeface without a lot of the humanism that Helvetica brings to the table.

Other BoC-related typefaces:

Zebramatic POW is a distressed typeface - the stripey business is part of it, hence the name. Zebramatic POW. It's just ITC Avant Garde Bold with some cheap distress effects. [1]

Music Has the Right to Children[edit]

Bauhaus sample.gif

ITC Bauhaus by Edward Benguiat and Victor Caruso.


The Campfire Headphase[edit]

The Campfire Headphase promotional poster

Strasua sample.gif

Strasua Regular, a freeware font by designer Ray Larabie.