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Sesame Street

Part of the nostalgic quality of Boards of Canada's music come from their extensive sampling of 70's and 80's era children television programs. One commonly sampled program is the US program Sesame Street, created by the Children's Television Workshop.


Episode 2852 (1991)[edit]

  • "Different Mes": A boy explains how has many different mes for all his different emotions.
  • A drawing of a man is shown with a variety of different types of legs, which rotate like a slot machine. For each pair of legs, off-screen children voice their disapproval until the matching legs are finally shown.
  • "O for Orange" by Bruce Cayard: A colorless man sucks the hue out of an orange.
  • "Alphaquest: S": A girl investigates the letter S in her 'Alphaquest'.
  • Valentine - I Love You

Episode 2951 (1992)[edit]

  • Wanda the Word Fairy visits

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