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Societas x Tape is a 2 hour mixtape by Boards of Canada broadcast Sunday 23rd June 2019 on NTS Radio as part of WxAxRxP, Warp Records 30th anniversary celebration event. Mostly consisting of tracks by other artists, the mix was described by NTS as "a two-hour selection of mind melting offbeat psychedelia".


Timestamp Artist Title YouTube
0:00:00 Intro (short wave radio scan, "astrophysics, medicine, biology and technology")
0:00:32 Jasper Van't Hof Associations YouTube
0:03:31 coL This Flat Earth YouTube
0:06:27 Heldon Une Drôle de Journée YouTube
0:07:06 Interlude
0:07:09 [U1]  ? (piano, drums, synth, choir)
0:09:20 Killing Joke Unspeakable (Demo) YouTube
0:11:47 Dolphins Into The Future Dolphins Into The Future (A3, B1) YouTube
0:13:49 Victrola Maritime Tatami YouTube
0:18:10 George Duke Vulcun Mind Probe YouTube
0:20:53 Flayer Wanna Get Back Your Love YouTube
0:24:30 [U2]  ? (distorted electric guitar, Olson, Under The Coke Sign)
0:25:14 Doxa Sinistra The Other Stranger YouTube
0:28:26 Gershon Kingsley WGBH Boston ident YouTube
0:28:29 Metromedia 5 WNEW ident (Your choice is 5) YouTube
0:28:44 Paul Hart Prospect YouTube
0:31:44 M. S. Subbulakshmi Srimannarayana YouTube
0:34:00 Esplendor Geométrico Regeneración YouTube
0:35:58 Interlude - 1976 Swine Flu Shot TV PSA YouTube
0:36:22 Boards of Canada Cover/sample of "Non Passa Piu", original artist Ernesto Bonino YouTube
0:37:59 Boards of Canada Illusion Remix (elements from Imagination, Grace Jones, Blue Aquarius, Boards Of Canada)
0:40:42 Interlude (car rental ad - "anything, from an Astra to a Merc, and no mileage charge neither")
0:40:50 Jupiter Prophet 35.000 Feet (Challenger's Theme) YouTube
0:42:10 [U4]  ? (drum, discordant noises)
0:44:13 Fausto Papetti Un Homme Et Une Femme YouTube
0:44:39 Minute Maid Bing Crosby orange juice ad YouTube
0:45:43 Devo Shrivel Up YouTube
0:48:41 Stefan Zauner Billy Miller YouTube
0:54:02 Interlude ("here in the wind tunnel") YouTube
0:54:24 These Trails Garden Botanum YouTube
0:57:03 Dreamers Cloth The Coconut Pearl (B2) YouTube
0:59:22 Pauline Oliveros Bye Bye Butterfly YouTube
0:59:43 Interlude (short wave radio scan)
0:59:52 Alan Parker The Free Life (B) YouTube
1:02:04 Egberto Gismonti Jardim de Prazeres YouTube
1:04:42 Interlude from The Man Who Skied Down Everest
1:05:08 Horrific Child Frayeur, Angoisse YouTube
1:06:45 Severed Heads We Have Come To Bless The House YouTube
1:10:10 Morgan Page Heartbeat
1:10:29 n/a Interlude (Casiotone 202 demo) YouTube
1:10:58 Filmmaker Crow Mask YouTube
1:13:58 Suraiya Ek Tu Ho Ek Main Hoon YouTube
1:16:13 Yellow Magic Orchestra Light in Darkness YouTube
1:17:50 Hajime Tachibana XP41 YouTube
1:18:38 Lena Platonos Αιμάτινες Σκιές Από Απόσταση (Bloody Shadows from Afar) YouTube
1:21:54 [U5]  ? ("soon the queen will come our way")
1:22:43 Sinking Ships Strangers YouTube
1:25:30 The Creed Taylor Orchestra Heartaches YouTube
1:26:20 Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft Osten Währt am Längsten YouTube
1:29:17 Francis Rimbert First Emotion YouTube
1:29:17 Frederick Rosseau
1:31:28 Carl Matthews Gura Ma YouTube
1:33:45 Soul City Orchestra Hot Day in Pimba YouTube
1:33:52 Brian Chatton Mood in Motion YouTube
1:37:17 Christian Chevalier Strange Pop YouTube
1:40:46 Colourbox Tarantula (12” Version 1) YouTube
1:43:51 33.10.3402 Kanap YouTube
1:48:00 The Elegants Little Star (reversed) YouTube
1:49:59 One Foundation Dance With Us Lord YouTube
1:51:45 [U6]  ? (ambient)
1:54:51 [U7]  ? (strings)
1:55:23 Bruce Haack Angel Child YouTube
1:56:23 Christian Chevallier Sea Cathedral YouTube



sixtyniner provided two mp3s.[1]



Note: due to the sheer amount of rarities included in this mixtape, not all songs are available on Spotify.


2019 version[edit]

2022 version[edit]


  • Track times are from the actual start of mixtape, excluding NTS indent.
  • Artwork is a vintage 1970s photograph of a band playing at the Tomorrowland Terrace in Disneyland, California.
  • The band in the photograph is playing under a coke sign, "Cement, Gravel, and Rock Co.", could possibly be the name of the act on stage.
  • Hajime Tachibana - XP41 was co-written by Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo. [2]
  • Hot Day In Pimba and Mood In Motion were sourced from Vinyl Factory Mix 10: Django Django (Library music special)
  • [U#] marks unidentified tracks with their according numbers as used in community.


  • Track at 1:21:54

On the hill starts a bright new day
Soon the queen will come our way
The hillside's a place to share
A place to grow, love and care

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