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Closes Vol. 1

Closes Volume 1
Label(s) Music70
Catalogue No(s) AOMC16
Release date(s) 1992
Format(s) Cassette
Running time(s) 56:22

Closes Vol. 1 is Boards of Canada's third known release. It has been said that the album is "even less imposing" than the band's first known release, Catalog 3.[1]

The album has not been heard by those outside of the band's family and friends. MP3s labeled "Godever" (1:46), "Treeline" (1:12), and "Trillions" (3:31) are not the tracks from Closes Vol. 1; the latter two are definitely not by Boards of Canada.

4 tracks have the title Close1 through Close4. Some track titles have mathematical connotations: Tends Towards (from analysis, limits, etc.), Numerator (fractions), Trillions, 5d (5-dimensional).

It was originally a cassette, but has been repressed on CD in 1997 [2] [3].

In 2014 on PIC's own photography website, under a category called "In Life And In Song" he posted a high-resolution scan of what could be the origin of the cover without the "b.o.c closes vol. 1" marking in the top-right picture which was surely edited before the album's release.

The fact that in the time-stamp present in both the original source and artwork of the album, the year 1997 is present which matches the year in which the album was re-pressed on CD, could mean that the original 1992 cassette release could have a totally different artwork. [4] [5]


  1. "Treeline" – 1:02
  2. "Godever" – 1:51
  3. "True Map" – 5:22
  4. "Close1" – 0:50
  5. "5d" – 5:21
  6. "Focus On The Spiral" – 1:28
  7. "Tends Towards" – 8:48
  8. "Close2" – 1:04
  9. "Eye / Ear" – 6:58
  10. "Helios Sound" – 0:30
  11. "Ithcus Sound" – 0:30
  12. "Found The Way" – 6:06
  13. "Close3" – 0:26
  14. "Numerator (Original)" – 6:31
  15. "Fonec" – 5:42
  16. "Trillions" – 3:19
  17. "Close4" – 0:34


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