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Marcus Eoin's Campfire Mixtape


In March 2006 Twoism Forum user Niknak posted the following tracklist, purported to be Marcus Eoin's ideal campfire mixtape. The track listing is believed to have been found in D&C (presumably Dazed and Confused) magazine. As of 2008 the source magazine has not been found.

Marcus Eoin's commentary on each individual track is included in bullets below.

Track Listing[edit]

1. John Denver - "I'd Rather be a Cowboy"

  • For collecting firewood

2. John Frusciante - "Regret"

  • Now the fire's lit we need spacerock.

3. Sufjan Stevens - "A Good Man is Hard to Find"

  • There's a great out of tune chorus that shouldn't work but it does.

4. Smith Perkins Smith - "Say no More"

  • A cowboy classic. Any song that uses 'dust bowl' gets my thumbs up.

5. The Beach Boys - "Celebrate the News"

  • There's a beach boys song for every occasion. Who needs drugs when there's music like this.

6. Ween - "Among his Tribe"

  • Time to get the marshmallows out. Ween are so good they're like a hundred bands for the price of one.

7. Yo La Tengo - "Tiny Birds"

  • Time to gather some more combustibles.

8. Bonnie Prince Billy - "No More Workhouse Blues"

  • The best use of pedal steel I've heard in a long while.

9. Mark Johnson - "Asia Major"

  • By now you'll be lying on your back looking at the stars. The best song writer this side of the Kuiper Belt.

10. Joni Mitchell - "Amelia"

  • Maybe the most perfect song ever recorded. When the fire's burning down and you want one last song echoing out as you make your way home, this should be it.

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