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Disengage was a radio show hosted by Autechre on Kiss 102 radio in the UK. The Boards of Canada "Disengage" recording was a show broadcast on December 6, 1996. The recording is essentially of Boc Maxima, which was played in full on the air.


  • You'll see this in 2 parts in MP3 form. The first half should be about 47 minutes long (a greatly-truncated version of this is by far the most common version going around), and the second half about 18 minutes. This is the "Disengage Radio Show", a weekly programme broadcast in the early hours of Sunday mornings on Manchester's KISS 102 FM.
  • Having listened to this, it is basically just a radio broadcast of the album "Boc Maxima". If you want to hear a better quality version, just get the Boc Maxima tracks instead. Any differences from Boc Maxima? Just some radio "branding" at the start which replaces "Wildlife Analysis", so that the playlist effectively starts with Chinook. The version of "Rodox Video" is slightly different, but there isn't anything else particularly different. It is listed here for completeness, so that people will know what it is. But it's better to just get the "boc maxima" tracks instead, and hear them properly.