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Running time 5:17 (Twoism)
5:07 (Boc Maxima)
5:01 (DISKONO001X)
Appears on Twoism
Boc Maxima
DISKONO001X artwork


  • At approximately 2:16, a vocal sample (revealed by Michael Sandison in a Remix Magazine interview to have been sampled from an adult film) is believed to contain the following monologue:

That tiny room at the beach was absolutely the perfect place for my first time. When we came together, I could feel the hairs growing on my chest. I saw my future. I saw my past. For a few minutes it was like being alive. They lived happily ever after. All my questions had been answered. All my fears disappeared. All that was left was a kiss. Every move we made was a kiss."

This same monologue is used in the track 'Sir Prancelot Brainfire'.


  • The version on "Psychogeographic X" is a slightly different cut from the original. Discogs user Onanon describes this version best by saying:

"This version of Sixtyniner is different from the one as released on Twoism. The Diskono version is a little bit faster, the nostalgic main melody is more at the front, the intermezzo breaks are more detailed and the 'first kiss' story is easier to understand. The bass is not as deep as on Twoism. After 4.14 the main melody is gone and won't return as the higher melody continues over the beat. The Twoism version continues to play the melody 'till the end but the beats disappear earlier. Overall this version sounds clearer. The Twoism version sounds more sad in way."