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Tomorrow's Harvest Viral Marketing Campaign

The Viral Marketing Campaign for Boards of Canada's 4th LP - Tomorrow's Harvest (2013), was a series of promotional events leading up to the release of the album. This included, but is not limited to: Listening parties hinted at by using cryptic online messages, a music video being played over a large advertisement screen on the streets of Tokyo, Japan and various other hints and reveals using social media and video hosting websites, alongside a track reveal on BBC Radio 1. This, combined with the 'Cosecha Transmisiones' cryptic messages and clues that immediately preceded it, was considered to be an almost entirely new and unique method of artistic promotion.

A detailed timeline of events is listed below.

Shibuya-ku Tokyo[edit]

After an intriguing week of decyphering cryptic transmissions Boards of Canada remained silent on their social networks, except for a couple of links related to the release of Tomorrow's Harvest.[1][2][3][4]

The 21st of May, however, Boards of Canada posted the following cryptic status update on their official Facebook account. [5][6][7][8]

May 22nd 24:00 @ 1-23-10 Jinnan Shibuya-ku Tokyo

jar from the Twoism (messageboard) was there and made the second recording shown below. [9][10]



Zane Lowe[edit]

@zanelowe tweeted:

Zane announced he will play "Reach For The Dead".

Reach For The Dead[edit]




May 27th - 17:00 PDT[edit]

  • @boctransmission tweeted @ 11:30 PM - 26 May 13: "May 27th - 17:00 PDT" with the second image shown below attached to the tweet. [14]

Hell-interface-hints-may-27th-17h00-pdt.png 5-27-13-1700.jpg

The attached image shown above has exif data with the exact gps-location. [15]

Google Maps[edit]

  • lat=34.948043
  • lng=-116.682615



nsputnik from the Twoism (messageboard) shared the picture below: Boards-of-canada-yermo-ca-map.jpg

A is the drive-in theater.
B is the gas station.
C is the area covered in the tweet regarding May 27th 2013. [16]


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Movement Electronic Music Festival[edit]

  • Allegedly a new Boards of Canada track was played at the Movement festival in Detroit. It happened right after Audion's set at Sunday 26th of May. Presumable the track played is "Cold Earth", based upon the track by track review from The Quietus. [17]



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Look Sad Reel[edit]



  • etcher: "I enhanced the low audio between the 20-22 second mark & reversed it. It sounds like the first word is "sun" and the second is "in the sand". I could be completely wrong here, but i was just really curious." [20]



Lake Dolores[edit]





Neil Krug[edit]

Creative Owlet[edit]









tonx posted:

  • Mon May 27, 2013 10:45 PM GMT+2 [71]

There isn't enough happening here yet for me to be able to say anything about the scale of what exactly might go down. I'm apparently the first of us to land. There is a sort of light caretaker/security situation that may thwart other earlybirds. Unsure. Only a small handful of people on site yet. I basically snuck in.

  • Mon May 27, 2013 11:11 PM GMT+2 [72]

I'm attempting a public hangout on google+. Find me!

  • Tue May 28, 2013 12:42 AM GMT+2 [73]

Conserving battery. Back in a bit.

  • Tue May 28, 2013 12:33 aM GMT+2 [74]


  • Wed May 29, 2013 2:20 AM GMT+2 [75]

I would love to regale you with tales of my post listening party desert wanderings... the peyote vision quest, the saucers that appeared from behind a red moon, losing my iPad somewhere along the jacquard causeway, the secret "hooper bay" tape I discovered inside the airstream trailer...

But actually I drove home to LA at lightning speed, ate some tacos and passed out.

I didn't expect to be the first to arrive. I had thought I'd leave LA around noon, but when I woke up the anticipation was too much and I felt like getting my show on the road.

The desert is beautiful and the drive is great once you're on the 15... the landscape really lights up your brain. I stopped in Yermo and took some pics at the RFTD gas station, just a few miles ahead of the waterpark. Why don't I drive out this way more often?

When I got to the waterpark there was only 1 car in the lot and a white truck drove out to meet me... security or a caretaker. He asked what I was doing there. I meekly said something confusing along the lines of "supposed to meet some friends here", which I realized does nothing to allay suspicion that I'm trafficking in drugs or white slaves. He asked what friends and I continued "some are coming in from Vegas and others from LA… sort of an event… some record company folks." Bingo. He assumed I was with the record company guys and had me follow him out to the side where the trailer had just arrived and one of the gentlemen from Warp was coordinating.

I parked just far enough away from the people that I could buy some time, pretended to be on the phone and waved off my caretaker with a sort of thanks. The 3 folks near the trailer were examining me and I fiddled around a bit before exiting the car, nonchalantly heading into the park with camera in hand.

After a few minutes, one of the gents from Warp came over, confirmed that I was the first to arrive, and asked if I would avoid any major spoilers by tweeting what I was seeing in the set up. He wouldn't spill exactly what they were up to beyond an "event" and how they came to choose the spot and I was kind of happy to maintain my own element of surprise too. Wasn't quite sure what to say about the matter as almost anything I tweeted was going to sound cryptic, so rather than say "at least two Warp folks, light security and an airstream trailer" I just said "I've been asked to be discrete…"

I had the feeling I might be trespassing to a degree and that others arriving might not be able to get in, but that turned out to be a non issue. So yeah… I tried to lay low and avoid being hustled out ahead of any larger set-up that might be happening.

I was torn between a desire to unplug and explore a bit and the growing chorus of voices from the internet desiring updates. Arriving early I felt a de facto obligation to provide some kind of a signal. At some point I set up a google hangout which only kind of sorta worked and was clearly going to chew through my iPad mini's battery. Later installing ustream worked a lot better. I felt a bit like a cyborg, uncomfortably juggling my iDevices, so I'm a little bummed at not being fully present to meet more of the peoples who showed up. My impression of our little crowd is that BoC fans are quality folks all around, which comes as no surprise.

As for the listening… the record is awesome. As darkly sublime as one could hope.

I hope I didn't cross any lines or piss off anyone at Warp or the brothers with my broadcast. I was startled to see after the fact that A) ustream saves that stuff and B) the image and audio quality are waaay better than I would've guessed. I've avoided listing to too much spoiler-ing of the record and even "RFTD" isn't in rotation for my listening yet till I can lay down with the full album in the right frame of mind and with my good headphones -- so I hope my broadcast doesn't diminish the impact for anyone's first listen of the LP.

Big thanks to everyone that poked me here and on twitter (and a few of you who subscribed to my coffee!). Big thanks to the absurdly good battery life of the iPad mini. Big thanks to Warp and Boards of Canada for showing their love of the fans. I'm really looking forward to that giant "BoC Set" of old unreleased tapes that the saucer people told me about.


Veckatimest posted:

  • Tue May 28, 2013 1:52 AM GMT+2 [76]

My friend just updated me again via text. "WHOLE ALBUM." "Can't record after the first three tracks." "No live performance but it is a listening party." Hope this helps!


IronMark posted:

  • Tue May 28, 2013 1:50 AM GMT+2 [77]

When the stream came up for a few minutes there, it clearly showed people with proper quality cameras on tripods pointed at the 'stage' area. Press? Given the Tokyo stream and "Cold Earth" at the festival, I'm thinking this is just going to be one more song played publicly. I say 'just' one more song played pubicly as if that's a small thing but this entire thing has been fantastic. I'm seriously starting to think the album's been ready for a while, maybe even stretching back to the infamous black square appearing and this entire buildup thing has been almost 2 years in the planning.


paul posted:

  • Tue May 28, 2013 4:42 AM GMT+2 [78]

Yes it will my friends. I will get the edit to you asap. Still gotta make the gawdawful drive home 6 hours ... and its fucking bumper to bumper. But, if I gotta get stuck in traffic to be a part of what just happened ... yeah. Can do. Sketchy connection out here in the desert so full report later will be edging what I shot first thing when home. Sorry again for not keeping up while live. Damn phone died.

  • Tue May 28, 2013 6:37 AM GMT+2 [79]

Nah, just had the gear and decided since it was in my beautiful state, and i love the desert ... it had to be done! i also knew so many of you were here sending us all some seriously good vibes and couldn't be there for countless reasons. I was seriously planning on a live gig. Since that didn't happen I have a nice locked shot of the ... airstream the truck and speakers. Sorry guys. Guess I was too optimistic. Yes, I brought the "dead kitty" wind muffler for my ZOOM recorder. Quite nice - pretty much zeroed out any hint of wind. I will edit it when I get home but that won't be til 3a PDT. Sleep can wait. Will load it to my YouTube page (look for Turk 242). There's already my humble reatment of the cosecha transmission there but tomorrow will be today's festivities.

Ok, so enough of the dry tech talk. To asnwer your question Decorah: kennychiwa147 said it best. I am still a little in disbelief. I quickly got over the no live show thing. It was just really cool to look around and see literally every walk of life there - young and old. That's when you know it's quality music. The setting was impeccable. Surreal. I am an avid trailer camper so this set piece made me smile wide. When the music came on I was pretty much swept away. I considered taking notes but felt like a tool as i was already standing up there with the camera. my buddy kept encouraging me to enjoy the experience too (he was the one rocking the ray bans in the blue t shirt). Yes the air was thick, sweet and sticky. Ok, music - I listened to RFTD for 90 minutes yesterday on loop while running in big sur. never did that with any track in my life. It did not get old. So when I heard it today I wasnt sure how i would react. gotta say i got pretty choked up. I think it was everything - setting, with fellow BOCers, the sky - and the transition was wicked. The opening bits were really a blur. I was shaking and trying not to fuck up the recording. I do remember the fanfare and thought that was really nice. As for the rest, well you'll just have to wait I guess. I will say this - game changer. BEST. ALBUM. EVER.

Yeah, that's right ...

  • Tue May 28, 2013 8:50 AM GMT+2 [80]

Josh from WARP showed me the text. That is for real. They had their own camera people and were snapping pix with iPhones to send back to Scotland. The brothers might not have been there, but they were and it seems they liked what they saw. Lots of love in the BOCosphere today!

  • Wed May 29, 2013 5:22 AM GMT+2 [81]

i couldn't help but revel at the range of people in attendance. such good people you all are. the silence between each track was palpable and moving in itself - not from a lack of enthusiasm, but instead, to not break the flow. that was very powerful as it went unspoken. some with heads down, some with eyes closed, others dancing - each person went to their little music world however they do. it was really a community and i never felt so part of something bigger than my own thoughts. i tend to be pretty stoic but i was very moved.
since there was no live performance, after a while, i realized i was just filming an (albeit very cool) airstream and truck. the major purpose of going to get this (for those who could not be there) was somewhat compromised. i lie … i also went to have what was probably the most susbstantial music/band-related experience i have ever had - to include live shows.

i was sitting here today thinking i could keep chopping this thing up to cover up my lack of preparedness, but i realized 1) people want to hear the music 2) its not about me, and C) they already made a beautiful video … who am i kidding? so here it is - i won't be doing smooth cam filters and all razzmatazz that to make it look better. i did do some color just for atmosphere. i happened to get a few more shots near the end and came up short on footage so i had to mix in stills. ugh - sorry. so i'm just gonna put it out there - imperfections and all since everyone has been so kind, patient, and supportive of us who were shooting.

Jack is also working on his edit and i am sure it will blow the doors off later tonight. until then, to hold you over … a heartfelt thank you to Boards Of Canada for bringing us all together and everyone here at Twoism. it was a very special day and each and every one of you were a part of it no matter where you were last night, we felt it there - in the wind, in the desert, in the music.

enjoy … http://youtu.be/nkqjncwIqFM "


Synthetrix posted:

  • Tue May 28, 2013 6:49 AM GMT+2 [82]

I just got home from the listening party in Newberry Springs and I am damn glad that I took the leap of faith and headed out there. Being in such an intimate, exclusive location with fellow BOC fans and being some of the first non-journalist/insiders in the world to hear TH in it's entirety was an experience I will always cherish and remember.

Big ups to Josh with Warp Records with whom I had a nice enlightening chat. It was also great to meet Tonx and you all owe him a cold one for the live U-streams that he did. I took a ton of high res photos and HD video although I will not be posting any of the music that has not been officially released out of respect to the artists and label. I am sure there are plenty of others who have or will be doing so in the coming hours. I will post photos on my website soon, but first I need to hit the shower and wash off the desert grit and grime.



thingsthingsthings posted:

  • Tue May 28, 2013 7:32 AM GMT+2 [83]

Just getting home; traffic back to LA was surprisingly mellow.

What a great experience, I feel really lucky I was able to make it. Such a surreal backdrop for an equally surreal album. Certainly boards music, but definitely a different path then what they've released before. Great to hear what sounded like a snippet of that melody that went along with the number clues show up at the end of one track, and surprised to find the cosecha transmission tune end the album, but an appropriate finale to an amazing afternoon. Many thanks to BOC and Warp for putting this together, and for the take home goodies at the end. Culminated with an amazing sunset over the desert as well; really amazing event.


soupbandit posted:

  • Tue May 28, 2013 7:57 AM GMT+2 [84]

I made it back from the desert with my brother.

Echoing the postings that I've skimmed through that the album is beautiful. It's emotionally heavier then Geogaddi with all that is fantastic about TCH's production. Echoing the Carpenter vibe too.

Everyone I met was excited, friendly and cool. Once the album begun it went quiet until the end before anyone made a noise. Atmospheric to a T.

My favorite moment was this little girl running out in front of a half of the crowd to play as the uplifting latter portion of the album was beginning. She was so happy in unison. Perfect soundtrack moment.

Spoilers & Things:
-There's a huge Coca Cola Silo out there (along with the Skyliner Drive in). Trans Canada to the fullest.
-We were asked to keep postings under-wrap, but were told we'd be hearing the album
-"Jacquard Causeway" was the heaviest track emotionally on first digest.
-"Cold Earth" is the Detroit Track.
-"Sick Times" is Sick.
-I'm not sure where the "Palace Posy"/ROYGBIV connection was made in the track by track review.
-"Come To Dust" has this moment in it's last seconds that shines
-"Semena Mertvykh" is the track from the Tomorrow's Harvest Transmission.
-The silence at the end of "Semena Mertvykh" with the desert breeze, sun setting and awesome people is something I'll remember.
-The band texted Josh the organizer to tell us they loved us. cool shit.
- We made out with swag. I picked up a large 18x24 poster and two smaller ones, along with a bunch of stickers.

Sorry if this is rehash or spoilers but I had a great time and it was a long time coming. I'll edit this post with a link to some photos and videos when I'm not so tired. Thanks to the band and planners if you snoop this post for feedback, this has been super fun and has made me really happy.


PlatrixECV posted:

  • Tue May 28, 2013 8:36 AM GMT+2 [85]

Here's my notes on the songs/ general review

Ok, just got back. Here are my thoughts. In general, awesome experience, the setting was perfect. In honor of Scotland I took a few swills of some Ardbeg (neat). As to the album I would not call BoC going back to a Geogaddi or MHTRTC style, or a combo of th two. It is definitely a logical progression from TCH although primarily from something like "Oscar See Through Red Eye". They make dense, layered complex stuff now. The minimalism is gone. In some respects I like hearing their sounds with a chance to breathe. You get a little of that in the ambient interludes. That being said, Tomorrow's Harvest is an intense, detailed great ride. I mentioned earlier there were noticeable elements of extremely vintage synths (think 70s Tangerine Dream (Phaedra) of Jean Michael Jarre's Oxygen). Maybe some Bladerunner sounding Vangelis. John Carpenter has been mentioned. It's all swirling around in there.

I have a video of the first three tracks. I think the sound quality came out pretty good. Trying to figure out how to ujpload it right now.

I took notes on each track.

"Gemini", "Reach For The Dead", "White Cyclosa" - you heard them. "Gemini" was a perfect into track, got me in the proper mindframe for BoC.

"Jacquard Causeway" - Intense. When the album kicks into high gear. I really dug what I found to be almost jazzy sounding noodling on what may have been a wurlitzer. It gave a lose feel. One of highlights of album for sure.

"Telepath" - the darking counting voice one. I wrote "unmistakably BoC. Nice interlude track. Keeps mood intense."

"Cold Earth" - You've heard this one by now. A better track in its full sonic glory. I put this own down as giving me a Vangelis vibe on some of the synths.

"Transmisiones Ferox" - Psycaedelic, buried vocals, really dark heartbeat style bass pulse.

"Sick Times" - This one again had an almost jazzy feel with a vintage electric organ or piano sound. Don't know if the beat is the "dopest" but it is a hard kicking break beat. The melody parts give the feel of quick tempo that vaguely reminded me of Poppy Seed. Again with the vintage synths (something close to Oxygene sounding). Another one of the best cuts on the album.

"Collapse" - This is the one I think might have had a Moog sequencer. It reminded me of Phaedra. Deep track with a great bass line that also functions as a counter melody. Everything from Jacquard Causway to here flowed and was all excellent. As good a stretch as there is on any Boc album IMO.

"Palace Posy" - This one was a bit eccentric. Vaguely pizzicato string sounding melody.

"Split Your Infinities" - This was my initial favorite track on the album. Swirling melody that morphs into what I wrote was "ominous and joyous at the same time. Holy fuck." All the great elements of a great Boc track and shows how skilled they are in their craft.

"Uritual" - Buzzy dissosant drone. One of better interludes I can recall and again keeps momentum from Split Your Infities.

"Nothing Is Real" - Treated piano, retro sounding break beat. Nice track I could see this one being popular with the non-diehards but I don't mean that as a slight.

"Sundown" - Very Boc synth pads, layered again with what I call the ancient analog Vangelic et all sound.

"New Seeds" - Creates a melody almost out of radio static. After that I thought I heard discernable guitar sound... Sounds like what I know to be called col legno on a violin where you flip the blow and hit the strings with the wood part (used most prominently at the beginning of Holtz's Mars). Keeps buildings and immensely dense. This could be a polarizing track.

"Come To Dust" - "Eerie with a great laconic break beat." Also a highlight of the album for me.

"Semena Mertvykh" - This is more or the less the song from the trailer. The static is gone and there is instead a stunning dark and dissonant background noise. It sounds a little bit like the beginning of Metallica's "Damage Inc" (the last seconds before the thrash guitar comes in ) but with a strong helicopter effect. I love the melody of this song. Glad it is on the album. A perfect closer really (as exit music).

I loved the album overall. Where it rates in the context of their catalog? No idea at this point. Really glad to have the experienence of the build up and then the surprise listening party. Def treat for US fans. There were probably 100 people there, some came from as far as Arizona.

Group Hex[edit]

Group Hex posted:

  • Tue May 28, 2013 9:06 AM GMT+2 [86]

Before I throw my two cents in, I gotta say something to all those who made the drive today: How good was that shower when you got home? Hope yours was as momentous as mine.

So, today.....

The setting was absolutely perfect. The desert has always been a second home to me, and with the addition of the abandoned water slides, buildings, graffiti, clipped palm trees, staircases, and general post apocalyptic vibe it was just ideal. The strangest part about the location for me was that I remember coming to the park as a kid. As I stood at the top of the now crumbling towers, I vividly recalled being launched down a slithery tube to a pool of blue water below. And now here I was, strolling around the shell of a water park. But for an entirely different reason, and with eyes that have seen a lot since then.

The weather was great, parking plentiful (ha!), and perfect for random photos. I ran into a good friend straight away, who was actually there for a totally unrelated photo shoot! She had no idea about the BOC event until she arrived, but is a fan and stayed for the album premiere. Sawa!

The amount of random stuff strewn about was really cool, I found some kids playing cards, weird old necklaces, and took home a "Welcome to Lake Delores" sign.

Not much to add about the album......it was incredible. The wind and surroundings obviously boosted the experience of hearing it for the first time, but as someone noted already it'll take on different forms the more you listen to it. Headphones will be an entirely different experience, listening in the car, etc. It absolutely shows progression, a palate both familiar and refined. As I heard someone say on the way out, "not as warbly as other albums, but still has that strange and haunting thing going on". Enough beats and atmospheric passages to satisfy fans of all of their work. I loved the silence between tracks, as everyone waited for the next to begin. It was a meaty length (shut up), and I couldn't help wishing for more when it was over. But for some odd reason which I can't explain - it felt kind of final to me. Who knows, this may the last we hear of BOC. More than likely not, but it was a vibe I couldn't help but feel. Hmmmm....

The crew were really nice guys. The dudes who brought out the PA gear used to work with a friend of mine, so we traded a few quick stories about him. And the english guy from Warp, Josh I believe? Nice guy as well, and we talked about how my father mastered the "Broken Drum" remix they did with Beck years ago. Kudos to them for helping bring this day to fruition.

I also talked to the property owner a bit, who said he's planning on re-opening the water park with an added RV park and possibly a motorcross track. Seems far fetched, but who knows? Maybe we won't see it in it's current condition for very long......

I have some pictures I'll post when I get them loaded up, and if anyone is really desperate for a sticker - send me a PM and an address. I have maybe ten I could part with.

More later, I'm fried. This post is gonna look bizarre to me after I get some rest, so excuse the rambling.


Faraday posted:

  • Wed May 29, 2013 4:33 AM GMT+2 [87]

Yesterday was an amazing experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I didn't think anything was actually going to happen until I saw this forum blowing up so I jumped into the car at 3pm and hauled some serious ass to the middle of the desert. I made it at 4:59 pm.

I know most of you who attended think the album is truly an exceptional piece of work and while I tend to agree, I don't think it will go down as their defining piece of work.

I jumped on the BoC bandwagon when Music Has the Right to Children was released. And as much as I love everything they put out, Trans Canada Highway takes the cake. I know I know, its not even a full length, but memories aside I think this small EP had the biggest impact on me.

Anyway, back to the point. I think TH is truly a special album, I dont think it eclipses any full length that they have released to date, including Campfire Headphase. I know many of you write that album off and I understand why, but I find it very engaging and rather refreshing when compared to some of their heavier material. TH flows between dark and light. It tromps you through the depths of tense melancholy and then lifts you to a comforting warm embrace. The album flows like any of their other major releases, with ample droning interjections that relay you to the next chapter. Its so familiar, but seemingly new. It never fails to intrigue.

TH is a solid mix between Geogaddi and Music Has the Right to Children. There are a couple of gems that really shine and then there are a few others (as someone else mentioned) that take some getting used to. For those of you absolutely aching to hear the new album, I really believe its worth waiting for. Each song is extremely complex and I highly doubt low quality recordings would be able to pick up on the nuance each song offers. Yes, you'll at least know what the damn thing sounds like, but would it be worth it? Was waiting for so many years worth taking a peak at low quality recordings?

Half of me hopes no one uploads the full set and the other half of me wishes I was "that" guy who saved the day for all of those who don't live in SoCal.

So until June 10th comes, I will be checking this forum regularly to see which one of you makes the first move for sharing the other tunes. Am I going to judge you? Probably, but I totally know why you'd do it

creativeowlet posted:

  • Fri May 31, 2013 10:01 PM GMT+2 [88]

Thought I'd add my experience on 5/27/13 to the rest.

After following along voraciously during the RSD incident and up through the album reveal I sort of stepped back, anticipating nothing more than a 40 day wait for the album to be released.

When I heard about Tokyo, then the boston thing, and the sattelite image tweet, I knew I had to be there. I have long wanted to go explore Lake Dolores Waterpark, I've seen it many times driving on I15 and it will hold a special place in my heart now that I not only got to explore it, but got to explore it during a special Boards of Canada event with so many amazing people.

I had a half day at work, and I got home right around the time Tonx tweeted that he had to be discrete, and "!". It was the "!" that really lit a fire under me and by 2pm Lauren and I were off. Upon arriving around 4, We noted a small number of cars in the parking lot, which we parked next to and proceeded to head towards a large group of people who seemed to be beginning to walk into the park. No one knew what was going on, or what we were supposed to do. I asked if anyone knew where tonx was, and was told something about "the highest tower", which I identified and advanced towards. At the base of the tower I found Tonx - i think still google hangout-ing at that point. In finding him I was also told that at 5pm we were to be in front of a vintage metal camper.

We explored a bit, climbing the observation tower and shooting a few snippets of footage. I couldn't think of anything but the camper though and soon had to go set up my tripod and camera. Around that time more people were gathering in front of the trailer as well including Paul whom I am very happy to have met. Around that time Josh from Warp (the announcer heard before and after the album) came over and asked Paul (and I) if we would only record 3 tracks. He explained that the band had requested no high quality recordings of any kind but that since "we came a long way" and brought our gear that he would allow us to shoot for the first 3. I was happy to oblige. Then it dawned on me... First three. We were going to hear the whole album. I pulled out my phone and texted my friend "WHOLE ALBUM, AWWW SHIT, Cant record after first three tracks, No live performance but its a listening party, AHHHHHH", which I think he then posted on here.

5pm came and went and people were continuing to show up. The lincolnshire poacher came over and we chatted a bit - I can't believe I got to meet someone that was at Redmoon and have the first listen to TH with them. Phenomenal. Eventually around 5:30 Josh came on the PA, thanked everyone for coming out, and said that it was the wish of the band that there be no recording after the first 3 tracks. and without further ado, Tomorrow's Harvest by Boards of Canada.

Below I am going to detail my thoughts on the album, so if you're trying to stay spoiler free then maybe don't read it.

As much as I love the first three tracks, the album really starts cooking with gas starting at "Jacquard Causeway".


"Reach For The Dead"

"White Cyclosa"
Wispy nostalgic tones with plucky synth layers woven around it. Dissonance makes a larger and larger appearance on the track as it progresses. Fades out slowly. A great vignette-type track pacing the mood between RFTD" and "Jacquard".

"Jacquard Causeway"
Lurching drums and a lamenting melody give the feeling of wandering through a wasteland. a little like watching civilization be build up and destroyed again and again with zero progress. Not a happy track. Heavily layered and very beautiful.

Starts with smooth boc tones and a computerized voice reading numbers. "Testing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7..." if I remember correctly. Unmistakable BOC. The voice reading numbers distorts intermittently as the music weaves around it. Feels like a numbers station transmission. What are our instructions?

"Cold Earth"
Eerie intro with a huge bass throb that comes in. Dark and Epic. If "Telepath" is a numbers station transmission then "Cold Earth" is the plan or events set into motion by that transmission. This song will make you rock to the music. I remember seeing people rocking, bobbing their heads, etc. There's a brief grunty highly distorted and cut off childs voice that comes in every few beats for a fraction of a beat that is too beautiful for words. This was one of the many times during the listening party i was overwhelmed with emotion. My audio of this track has one of the two children that were there crying a bit in the background. Perfect.

"Transmisiones Ferox"
didgeridoos? Layered and distorted. Mind blowing. Airs out beautifully at the end. Imputes a feeling of pursuit or hiding.

"Sick Times"
Utterly fucking amazing. Another groovy head bobber. Classic BOC sounds. Whole crowd was getting into this one as well.


"Palace Posy"
A emotional shift. Percussive, funky, off-beat. Stringy. Inquisitive. Godfuckingdamnit I LOVE IT. Chanty vocals that come in that I dont remember what they say but goddamnit i need to hear this track again and again and again. Earworm for sure. One of my favorites off the new album.

"Split Your Infinities"
Wondrous. Fucking amazing. Like gazing out at a valley populated with a beautifully destructed future city.

Dark drone with layers of sad tones on top

"Nothing Is Real"
You know when you see somethings reflection in water but the water is rippling too much to make out exactly what it is? The beginning of this track is the audio equivalent of that. Vaguely familiar, slightly upbeat. Makes me feel like I'm watching a loop of a corporate logo on broken VHS as a child. Echos of a happier past.

Sad, lamenting tones.

"New Seeds"
The emotional lows in this album serve as pacing for the weary but hopeful highs. This song is a "High". More strings. Feeling of rebuilding from the ashes. Theres a lot of work to be done here. Awesome, awesome awesome. I'm trying to limit the number of times I use the words "fucking amazing" to describe this album but I can't help it, it just is.

"Come To Dust"
WOW. So now we're in this epic future destroyed then rebuilt shithouse and its awesome but it also sucks.

"Semena Mertvykh"
The track from the album reveal video. My audio of this track has the kids crying and my camera shutter clicking every 10 seconds or so. I might like my version more. We'll see when the album comes out.

End Spoilers

There wasο»Ώ near-dead silence in between tracks, which was perfect and amazing. After the album ended though, there was around 30 seconds of solid silence before the guy from Warp came on the PA and thanked everyone for coming. Only then was there an eruption of applause. It was amazing. That brief period of silence was like a magic window for TH. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my entire life thus far. In the middle of an abandoned water park with a handful of people all simultaneously reeling from what we've just collectively witnessed. The wind gusted lightly. Josh came on the PA and thanked us all. "I just got a text from the band. They wanted me to say they love you all". The crowd "awwwws". I yelled "IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING" and got some odd looks.

A box of goodies appeared and people crowded around and grabbed posters and stickers feverishly. Once the goodies were depleted, people began going their own ways and before long the camper and sound equipment were packed up and hauled away. We stayed a bit, shot the coke sign, and wandered. I tried to talk with Josh and just generally take in the wealth of info being shared in the various conversations people were having with him. I also spoke with the property manager and found out that the waterpark is under new ownership, and that they plan on refurbishing the whole thing, putting in an RV park and generally doing away with things as they are. I am glad to have gotten the chance to explore the place in its current state.

Eventually as it began getting dark the property manager drove up in his SUV and yelled "OUT, NOW. I'M LOCKING THE GATE", which is why he got a special thanks in my video. I really appreciate that he didnt just kick us out right away and I got to explore a touch. Speaking of my video, here's a link again because I'm ridiculous and can't stop sharing it. It has Paul's HQ Audio (thanks again Paul!) http://youtu.be/t6G8gViaoVg I also shot a bit of Gemini with my phone. http://youtu.be/H7fUp32VRwA

Coverage Sources[edit]

Live Album Transmission[edit]

Warp will hold a live album transmission one week before Tomorrow's Harvest's official release. [89]

  • June 3th: 13:00 PST / 16:00 EST / 21:00 UK / 22:00 EU
  • June 4th: 05:00 JP / 06:00 AU




YouTube Live Stream[edit]


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