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Random 35 Tracks Tape

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Random 35 Tracks Tape
Label(s) (unknown)
Catalogue No(s) N/A
Release date(s) 1995?
Format(s) Cassette
Running time(s) 84:00
Random 35 Tracks Tape (real name unknown) refers to a collection of 35 tracks leaked on P2P networks around September 2004. Unlike other "Old Tunes" tapes, the tracks are completely unlabeled; however, a few match known tracks from other sources, including commercial releases. No liner notes or tape scan have ever surfaced.

Despite its uncertain provenance, the tape is generally believed to be authentic.


  • Random 35 Tracks Tape seems to be sourced from a cassette tape containing a (presumably) hand-selected set of pre-BoC Maxima tracks. The leaking of these tracks to P2P networks (Soulseek, originally) provided much drama on WATMM.
    • All files are encoded as 320kbps MP3.
  • For a long time, it was assumed that this tape was the missing Old Tunes Vol. 1 (since A Few Old Tunes and Old Tunes Vol. 2 were already known), although this was never confirmed. This was finally proven false when, on 08 Aug 2009, Twoism forum member dealer posted new photos of a cassette and liner notes showing that A Few Old Tunes and Old Tunes Vol. 1 were, in fact, the same release.
  • MDG has said that it is not known who compiled the tracks, calling it "a mystery, just a mixture".[1]
  • Zoetrope, a user on radiomute.com, referred to not only the commonly known A Few Old Tunes and Old Tunes Vol. 2, but also a third volume, which he appeared to refer to this leaked release as. Some also seem to believe that this is a 'Closes Vol. 2'.


These tracks appear to have first surfaced on Soulseek under various names, such as "random 35 tracks tape (rarities and the best of - not old tunes v1 or v2)" and "A Few Older Tunes Disc 1/Disc 2", reflecting the uncertainty of the collection's provenance. Early sightings include:



Side A: Blueberry is believed to be the name of the short vignette at the end of "Sixtyten" on Music has the Right to Children. Track 6 contains a sample later used in "Seven Forty Seven", but slightly slower. Track 8 contains a sample from "June 9th" except much faster.

Side B: It's Too Orangey is believed to be the name of the vignette at the end of "Triangles and Rhombuses", also on Music has the Right to Children. Track 5 contains a sample from the NES/Arcade classic, Donkey Kong. Track 10 is a reversed version of "The Smallest Weird Number", later released on "Geogaddi".


Important: Track titles and lengths are estimations; original listings are not available.

Side A:

  1. "R35TT A01" – 1:22
  2. "R35TT A02" | "She Is P" – 2:12
  3. "R35TT A03" – 3:45
  4. "R35TT A04" – 0:50
  5. "R35TT A05" | "Finity" – 5:04
  6. "R35TT A06" – 4:57
  7. "R35TT A07" – 3:58
  8. "R35TT A08" – 6:34
  9. "R35TT A09" – 1:50
  10. "R35TT A10" – 2:59
  11. "R35TT A11" | "Blueberry" – 0:26
  12. "R35TT A12" – 2:59
  13. "R35TT A13" – 2:12
  14. "R35TT A14" – 1:46
  15. "R35TT A15 | "I Will Get It Tattooed" – 1:05

Side B:

  1. "R35TT B01" – 1:29
  2. "R35TT B02" – 3:51
  3. "R35TT B03 | "House Of Abin'adab" – 1:04
  4. "R35TT B04" – 4:26
  5. "R35TT B05" – 1:52
  6. "R35TT B06" – 0:23
  7. "R35TT B07" – 3:42
  8. "R35TT B08" – 0:57
  9. "R35TT B09" – 3:12
  10. "R35TT B10" | "The Smallest Weird Number" in reverse – 0:59
  11. "R35TT B11" – 3:31
  12. "R35TT B12" – 3:33
  13. "R35TT B13" | "Davie Addison" – 1:11
  14. "R35TT B14" – 3:15
  15. "R35TT B15" – 2:04
  16. "R35TT B16" – 2:21
  17. "R35TT B17" | "It's Too Orangey" – 0:19
  18. "R35TT B18" – 2:02
  19. "R35TT B19" – 1:23
  20. "R35TT B20" – 0:27

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