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List of samples used by Boards of Canada

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  • A child saying "Yeah!", reversed (Roygbiv, ROYGBIV (Alpha Quest Mix))
  • A vocoded voice, gradually slowing down, saying "... and so you could become very sensitive to everything, you start walking through the studio, you go: 'ah yes, it's going to be a good day, I can feel -'" (Nova Scotia Robots)
  • Various voices:
    • Man #1: "This is a ... uh ... map of the plan of William T. Love for a model industrial city ...."
    • Woman: "Please do tell!"
    • Man #1: "... This plan was to dig a canal from the Niagara River to the Niagara Escarpment."
    • Man #2: "We are located at the upper Niagara river gorge. Above the gorge itself is a residential community, the university." (Niagara)
  • A woman giggling followed by two metallic-sounding high notes (Niagara, The Color of the Fire, I Love U)
  • The following monologue taken from a pornographic film, spoken by a young man:
That tiny room at the beach was absolutely the perfect place for my first time. When we came together, I could feel the hairs growing on my chest. I saw my future. I saw my past. For a few minutes it was like being alive. They lived happily ever after. All my questions had been answered. All my fears disappeared. All that was left was a kiss. Every move we made was a kiss. (Sixtyniner, Sir Prancelot Brainfire)
  • A flute played in a Native American style at high pitch (Red Moss)
  • From Bob Vila's Home Again, two speakers jumbled together: "I notice that you ... well it's another one of these ... right! that is correct. that's interesting! great! right! uh we, now, those, uh, looks like full-dimensional ... right! that's correct. yeah, mm hm, uh, right, that's correct." ... ... "well, it makes a lot of sense!" (Concourse)
  • A sample from Indeep's 1983 hit "Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life" (Nlogax)
  • Various bits of speech. It's hard to make out much, but here's [DC]'s guess at some of it:
    • "there's been a [release/leak]"? [female voice]
    • "Oh, ... I know" [Scottish girl]
    • "Just slightly" [different Scottish girl]
    • "... just [come in at the] end, right?" [English man]
    • "fan - tastic" [same man?]
    • Another girl sounds (to me) like the same one who speaks all the way through all 3 live recordings of BoC at ATP, Lighthouse, and Warp, which adds to suspicions that these are recordings of people talking at the the Hexagon Sun studio, as the title of the track in which the voices are used would suggest. (Turquoise Hexagon Sun)
  • The "I feel proud" speech [1] from Sesame Street:
When I'm with a friend / then I feel proud, and there's a Proud Me, too. / When I'm with a friend / then I feel proud, and there's a Proud Me, too. / - Me, too. / Right now, I'm the Loving Me; isn't he cute? And after I've done a real good job - I've cleaned my room, or something like that - then I feel proud, and there's a Proud Me, too. And when I'm with a friend, and we're having a good time, then I'm the Happy Me. But when my friend has to go home, then I feel a little sad, so I turn into the Sad Me. Anyway, there sure are a lot of different Me's, just like you have a lot of different You's. Well, we're going outside to - outside to play now, I hope all the different You's have fun, too! Bye!" (Whitewater [pitch-shifted and words rearranged], Sixtyten [reversed], Sunshine Recorder ["Bye"'s only])
  • A woman's voice, sampled from the conclusion of a 1982 porn film entitled A Brief Affair:
Now that the show is over, and we have jointly exercised our constitutional rights, we would like to leave you with one very important thought: Some time in the future, you may have the opportunity to serve as a juror in a so-called obscenity case. It would be wise to remember that the same people who would stop you from viewing an adult film may be back next year to complain about a book, or even a TV programme. If you can be told what you can see or read, then it follows that you can be told what to say or think. Defend your constitutionally-protected rights. No one else will do it for you. Thank you. (One Very Important Thought on BOC Maxima)
  • A tinny, cyclic sound that is possibly part of a drum loop (Spectrum, Twoism)
  • Two women speaking, presumably on a television show:
    • Woman #1: "Wearing light-colored hosiery like that makes your legs look larger. Do you know that?"
    • Woman #2: "No. I don't want them larg--"
    • Woman #1: "And the shoes, the high-buckle in the instep also squashes your legs--"
    • Woman #2: "Really?"
    • Woman #1: "so we're gonna do something else there. Let's talk about color for a minute--"
    • Woman #2: "All right."
    • Woman #1: "Nikki. You like green--"
    • Woman #2: "Mmm hmm"
    • Woman #1: "and green's gonna be nice on you, but this one is decapitating you."
    • Woman #2: "Really?"
    • Woman #1: "Yup." (Light, Clear Hair)
  • A man and a woman breathing heavily, with 1970's music in the background (P:C:)
  • Most vocals from Trapped by Colonel Abrams (Trapped)
  • A commercial for Dirt Devil (a brand of portable vacuum cleaner). Voice over is spoken by a mature-sounding English man: "It's almost like having an upright in the palm of your hand. The Devil is lightweight (Devil), powerful (Devil), has a wide opening (Devil) with a revolving brush...Get a Devil." (Devil, Peace-Tony-Devil)
  • From an episode of the British television game show Blockbusters:
    • Kathy: "??? I'll have a 'W' then please, Bob."
    • Bob: "'W'. What 'W' was the name of Bob Marley's group?" (buzzer) "Wah ha ha ha ha! Everybody worked for it, Kathy got there"
    • Kathy: "Waltzer."
    • Bob: "Yes it is! Waltzer. Gosh you took a chance. Well done!" (bell) "And for those who don't know, that's the one that...people are spun round as it revolves. It's a waltzer. And you've got the choice."
    • Kathy: "I'll have the 'M' please, Bob."
    • Bob: "The 'M'. Yes, you may. What 'M' is a garden flower whose bright orange petals are u-- Yes, Sarah."
    • Sarah: "Football"
    • Bob:"That's it! That's perfect! You've done it! Terrific! Well done. Wowee, I was a little bit worried there. You did it, and here's the big prize, Kathy. Take a look at this; you're gonna love it." (Blockbusters)
  • The chorus of "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang (The Way You Show)
  • A Sesame Street vignette in which a child sounds out the phrase "I love you" while attempting to write it out (The Color of the Fire, I Love U)
  • A drum fill from "Strawberry Fields Forever" by The Beatles (Kid For Today, Sequoia)
  • A basic (snare-)kick-kick-snare drum pattern (Oirectine, 5:9:78) (may just be similar-sounding different samples)
  • A choir-like melodic/harmonic loop (Old Tunes Vol. 1: Side A Audiotrack 6, Sevenfortyseven)
  • A drum loop with a wah effect applied (Old Tunes Vol. 1: Side A Audiotrack 8, June 9th)
  • A choir-like melody (Old Tunes Vol. 1: Side A Audiotrack 12, Aquarius (Version 3))
  • From "Flashback" by Imagination: "We're startin' up, now we're on our way" (We've Started Up)
  • "He's a dream" from the song of the same name by Shandi (We've Started Up)
  • "Berceuse" from the Dolly Suite by Gabriel Fauré (Jimbo Rehearsing) (not necessarily a sample, but probably not played by BoC)
  • "I' Real Traditionalist myself of course, because of Orbison, and Holly, and The Fireballs and The String Along, and er, all the things that happen in the studio. I'm so glad to...take care and..." (Dave (I'm A Real Traditionalist))
  • "The royal family should be left in peace!" (Peace-Tony-Devil)
  • A commercial for Frosted Flakes (Peace-Tony-Devil)
  • Spoken by English-accented voices, presumably from a world news broadcast:
    • Woman: "Iraq says nineteen people died"
    • Man: "We won't know that until a full assessment has taken place in due course" (Iraq Says)
  • The hook from Tony Basil's 1982 hit "Mickey" (Nine-Rubber Wisdom)
  • A bubbly pitch modulation or filter modulation synthesizer effect, followed by a group of people shouting (On A Rolling Sea, Orange Romeda)
  • From the 1958 horror film Terror from the Year 5000: "Dad, look at the TV" (Apparatus)
  • An old Amiga module called "Voyager" by Hellraiser (Apparatus)
  • A microtonal synthesizer loop from the ending of "Karn Evil 9, Third Impression" on the album Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (Music For Pylons)
  • The snare drum from "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin (Music For Pylons) (possible but not confirmed)
  • A "skipping" drum loop (Orange Hexagon Sun, Turquoise Hexagon Sun)
  • A loop of bongos being played rapidly (Oirectine, Mira Calix - Sandsings)
  • A drum loop with a distinctive electronic closed hi-hat (([Iced Cooley]], Seeya Later, Smokes Quantity)
  • At 1:53 an unidentified speech sample (thought by some to be the voice Welsh actor Philip Madoc) begins narrating a story. It is difficult to understand, but thought to be the following:

"the holts are nearly always close to sea
fallen boulders, old ruins, and cliffs
all at the top of a sand edifice
high above the sea
a safe place for cubs
we wait, tense
we're disappointed
she leaves her [?] loaded by others of us
the holts are evenly spread
about 500 meters apart [?] or so they advertise"

(An Eagle in Your Mind)
  • A synthetic-sounding voice saying "I love you" (An Eagle in Your Mind)
  • According to Jim E: "there's a background sound throughout the song which could be "sweat-sweat" (in the first part of the song), with "tension" coming in later. It's hard to recognise as speech, but it could well be; one of the interviews says that the "percussion" in the track was constructed using the voice of the girlfriend of one of BoC." (An Eagle in Your Mind)


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