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Music Has the Right to Children

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Music Has the Right to Children
Music Has the Right to Children.jpg
Label(s) Skam Records
Warp Records
Matador Records (US only)
Catalogue No(s) skalp1/warplp55
ole 299-2
Release date(s) 20 April 1998 (Europe)
20 August 1998 (United States)
Format(s) Gatefold 2xLP
Promo CD
Running time(s) 62:58 (Original release)
70:42 (US release/2004 re-release)

Music Has the Right to Children was the first commercially released album by Boards of Canada and probably their most well-known one. It has been called one of the greatest pieces of electronic music of its age and has introduced many to Boards of Canada. It was released 20 April 1998 in the United Kingdom and 20 August 1998 in the United States. It was later re-pressed in 2004.


  1. "Wildlife Analysis" – 1:17
  2. "An Eagle in Your Mind" – 6:23
  3. "The Color of the Fire" – 1:45
  4. "Telephasic Workshop" – 6:35
  5. "Triangles and Rhombuses" – 1:50
  6. "Sixtyten" – 5:48
  7. "Turquoise Hexagon Sun" – 5:07
  8. "Kaini Industries" – 0:59
  9. "Bocuma" – 1:35
  10. "Roygbiv" – 2:31
  11. "Rue the Whirl" – 6:39
  12. "Aquarius" – 5:58
  13. "Olson" – 1:31
  14. "Pete Standing Alone" – 6:07
  15. "Smokes Quantity" – 3:07
  16. "Open the Light" – 4:25
  17. "One Very Important Thought" – 1:14
  18. "Happy Cycling" – 7:51 (included only on 1998 US Matador release and 2004 Warp re-release)

Release notes[edit]

The CD was jointly released by both Skam, BoC's original label, and Warp. Both labels were included on the credits and packaging. However, CDs ordered from Skam included a braille sticker reading "boardsofcanada".

Mastering by Darrell Fitton aka Bola.

Mhtrtc braille.jpg


  • The cover photo was taken at a lookout on Mt. Norquay Road overlooking downtown Banff in Alberta, Canada.
  • On the title of this album, and of some of its tracks, BoC said in an interview:

"Our titles are always cryptic references which the listener might understand or might not. Some of them are personal, so the listener is unlikely to know what it refers to. Music Has the Right to Children is a statement of our intention to affect the audience using sound. The Color Of The Fire was a reference to a friend's psychedelic experience. Kaini Industries is a company that was set up in Canada ( by coincidence in the month Mike was born), to create employment for a settlement of Cree Indians. Olson is the surname of a family we know, and Smokes Quantity is the nickname of a friend of ours."


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